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Powerful Breathwork Meditation

Jan 4, 2021

👇 Read the description first 👇 I have been practicing, studying and teaching holistic health and breathwork for many years. This form in particular is very powerful and will enable you to break through into a deeper level of consciousness. You will release stress, let go of anxiety and fear and move towards more love, peace and happiness. Due to the 30 deep breaths the of oxygen in your blood will increase, which will result in higher Ph levels in your body. It not only releases your 'happy' hormones and will often leave you feel euphoric, also your immune system, cardiovascular system and others functions will get better. Do this breathwork routine regularly, it is proven to boost your immune system. This particular breathwork practice is very old and has been practiced by yogis, monks, shamans and healers alike for thousands of years. You might hear about this technique before as it has gained popularity in the past several years as the wim hof method. Nothing new about it, we´re all shining light on ancient techniques from yoga and Buddhism with kind and loving intention. If you're pregnant or have epilepsy ask a medical professional before.